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Before you do so, you may wish to read through this page and make notes of the relevant features and elements of your account.

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Uploading your site

Uploading your site could not be simpler. You can either use an FTP program or FrontPage. Please do NOT use both ( this can cause accounts to become corrupted).

If you choose to upload using an FTP program you should use the following details:

Address / Host ftp.k9walkers.com
Username your account username
Password your account password

Once you have started your FTP session, you must upload your files to the httpdocs folder.

Administer Your Site

To manage your web sites configuration we provide you with a web based control panel.

To access this you simply need to visit:


Check Your Mail Online

In addition to checking your mail offline, you can also check it online!

Every 34SP.com account comes with the popular web mail system IMP. This allows you to read your mail from any computer connected connected to the Internet. To access this you simply need to visit:


Administer Your Database

Every 34SP.com account comes complete with a pre installed MySQL database.

To administer this database we provide the popular PHPMyAdmin as standard. To access this you simply need to visit:


Web Site Statistics

To keep track of your web sites visitors and their activity every account is pre-installed with the webalizer traffic analysis software.

To access this you simply need to visit:


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